Cloud Accounting Solutions

Accounting in the "cloud" is becoming very popular and it makes perfect sense! Gone are the days where we have bags of receipts and a big red cash book. Well almost!

There has been lots of bookkeeping package around when it comes to computerised systems on your PC, meaning manual backups and two live versions of data kicking around if you need your accountant to look at the data or prepare your accounts. 

Using a cloud based solution, we can all see and work on live data, giving much better management information, assistance with tasks such as VAT returns and it doesn't cost the earth!



Sage One Accounting is simple and secure on-line accounting for small businesses. Sage One makes it easier to organise and manage your accounts so you have more time to run your business. Plus, Sage One is backed up with free UK-based 24/7 telephone and email support, 365 days a year. 

Make it easier for your customers to pay their bills quicker and reduce late payments by adding a Pay Now button to your invoice in Sage One Accounting. Take card payments over the phone when chasing those late payers to speed up your cashflow! Customers get paid 2 x faster by adding Invoice Payments.

Connect Sage One to your bank account to automatically import all your receipts and payments. Reduce manual data entry and bank reconciliation with one swift action.

Easily generate customised quotes and invoices that you can email directly to your customers or export to PDF. Effortlessly record transactions in multiple currencies and comply with international VAT laws by using the correct overseas VAT rate. 

Set access rights to manage what information each user can see. So you can share your information but retain control of your accounts. Save time and become more efficient by inviting your accountant to access your Sage One so you can both work together.

Wave's accounting tools are 100% free, secure, and accountant-approved. Real accounting,unlimited invoicing and more. 

Wave make it for people running businesses with 9 employees or less. Which is to say, when they zero in on what to include in their features, it's freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and owners of companies with 9 employees or less that we keep in mind. (Happily, bigger companies love Wave, too.)

Wave exists to liberate you and your small business with smart, integrated small business software that saves you time and money, helping you run your business better and freeing you to do... whatever it is you'd rather be doing.

Using Wave App, you can create free and unlimited invoices on your iPhone! You can also upload your receipts using your iPhone!



  • Online accounting - Log in online any time and see up-to-date business financials – from anywhere.
  • Automatic bank reconciliation - Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Simply click OK to reconcile.
  • Dashboard - See all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at a glance and add new transactions with a click.
  • Smart reports - View and share interactive reports and budgets in real-time – no waiting until the end of the month.
  • Inventory - Inventory items speed up invoicing while tracking sales and purchases.
  • Easy invoicing - Create professional recurring invoices and receive updates when they’re opened.
  • Quotes - Create and manage quotes and easily turn them into invoices when the work is done.
  • Claim those expenses - Handle personal expenses – just review and approve receipts. Take a photo of receipts from your mobile and it’s saved online.
  • Enter bills - Manage your cash flow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers.
  • Go mobile - Use Xero’s mobile apps to manage your business while you’re on the move. Reconcile, send invoices and create expense claims – from anywhere.

With KashFlow’s invoice software, you can easily customise and edit invoices. The system can issue invoices automatically and notifies you by email when they become overdue – It’s the next best thing to having a PA, or a super-intelligent helper monkey. 

With other systems, once you save an invoice it’s set in stone. With KashFlow you can edit the invoice whenever you like. Invoices are created as PDFs which you can print or send by email from within the software. Alternatively, you can click a button and have them automatically sent via standard snail mail. 

You can set up invoices to be created automatically at any given interval and even have them automatically sent to your customers. Automatically lists received payments and show the amount now owed. Pre-enter a list of products or services, and even set it to automatically fill in the price, description and VAT rate.