Due a tax refund?

Why wait.



If you work as a subcontractor under the CIS scheme, you may be paying CIS tax as you go along, deducted by the contractor that you are working for and paid over to HMRC. Under these circumstances you are classed as self employed and have an obligation to file a self-assessment tax return, attracting a fine of £100 if late, with fees creeping up daily.

Generally, depending on what other income you receive and the tax bracket that you fall into, you are likely to be due a tax refund at the end of the year, this happens because you are paying tax at 20% on all of your income, however you have your personal allowance and business expenses to take into account.

We are an experienced accountancy practice and therefore know what you can be claiming for to ensure that you get everything back that you are owed and save you the complication of working it all out for yourself.

We are happy for you to submit your paperwork to us as the year goes by, to enable us to complete your tax return fast and easy at the end of the tax year and get your tax refunded as soon as possible. A typical subcontractor tax refund is £2,000 - £3,000 and we work to get this paid directly into your bank account as soon as possible.

Benefits of using Subbie Tax Back

  • We know the industry and what you can be claiming for to maximise your refund and get it processed as soon as possible
  • Tax returns are complicated and it can be very stressful if you aren't sure what you need to be doing, let the experts take over and just wait for your refund
  • We have a pay monthly scheme to sort out your tax affairs starting at £12.50 per month and DON'T CHARGE AN EXTRA PERCENTAGE when we work out your tax refund
  • Tell your mates about us and earn! Often as a subcontractor, you work with lots of other subcontractors. If you tell fellow subcontractors about us and they use us for their tax services, you will get £10 knocked off your already very cost effective fee, which hopefully you will be telling your mates about anyway!

How to get started

There are 2 ways of starting your claim:

  • Get in touch and we can email a questionnaire pack out for you
  • Call into our offices based in Staveley, Chesterfield and we can go through it with you